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    Relationship Help | What Does It Require To Become A Spiritual Leader

    12 Steps Required To Become A Spiritual Leader If you’re up to the challenge of meeting those goals, you can start down that path by reading the book Discovering the Mind of a Woman. Then, you can register to take the…

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    Relationship Help | Mr. Wonderful

    Have you ever wondered… Whatever happened to the guy you were dating?  He was once your Mr. Wonderful, but now he’s Mr. Disappointment. Something happens to us girls at the time we start dating a guy. We think, “Wouldn’t it be…

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    Words Of Encouragement | Jesus Is The Reason For The Season

    This is really deep. When I read this post that was put on Christ Quest Ministries’ Facebook page, it made me stop and think. The word “mostly” made me smile when I began to digest this more and more. Actually,…

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Christ Quest Institute

If you are motivated to achieve true Christ-likeness in your home and experience the marriage that God intends for you, Christ Quest Institute is the right choice for you! The Christ Quest Institute offers students the opportunity to learn how to literally illustrate Christ and if married lead your family as Christ would. CQI offers students a three year, intensive opportunity for study and application of biblical requirements. You will never be the same… because you will have acquired the brand of Christianity the apostles died for.
All new CQI students must have previously watched or been to the Discovery Seminar to enroll for the online or live school.

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