This IS the type of discipleship that utilizes your every-day life’s situations, circumstances and events showing each man, single or married, specifically what God wants him to learn. The goal is that each student literally illustrate Christ. There are opportunities to actually measure when that is happening!

Christ Quest Ministries does not give counsel on marriage; it offers discipleship towards building a man’s understanding of what an on-going commitment to Christ-likeness is. Marriages are a “vehicle” we use in our quest to guide men to exemplify Christ; to his wife. Since she knows him better than anyone else in the world, if she says, “An encounter with my husband is like an encounter with Christ” he has passed the most demanding test. Women’s counseling is available and provides a place for women to find support during difficult times helping them to recognize their God given purpose according to Scripture.

COST: 85$/ hour*

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CQM is committed to teaching a man how to welcome Christ into his home and marriage. Our Discovery Seminar is designed to help men rediscover and understand Christ’s role in his home and marriage. Our follow-up course, the Christ Quest Institute, is an intensive college level course focused on demonstrating the principles of Christ-likeness in your everyday life.


Since 1983, Christ Quest Ministries has been helping men of all ages recognize and appreciate Christ’s place in their life and to illustrate His love. Our discipleship sessions are offered as a way to walk alongside men as they navigate through all of life’s encounters. It’s never too late to start living your life for Christ.


Christ Quest Ministries founder Ken Nair literally wrote the books on this: his titles, based on the teachings found in CQM, offer you insight into yourself, your spouse, and most importantly, your duty to Christ. Get your copies of these amazing resources and begin turning every aspect of your life into a celebration of Christ.


Ken founded Christ Quest Ministries after years of intensive Bible study and the personal application of biblical principles of Christ-likeness. As CQM’s principle author, Ken develops and refines the curriculum and materials for the Discovery Seminar, that utilize marriage to awaken a man’s spirit to God’s Spirit, and the Christ Quest Institute, a three-year, advanced educational discipleship program currently underway in nine cities and 6 nations (Canada, Australia, England, India, China and Dubai). Ken maintains a private and group disciplining practice in Phoenix, AZ, and he disciples individuals nationwide by closed circuit TV, telephone and email. He has authored three books on the subjects of Christ-likeness and faith-based marriage. Ken has been active in ministry work since 1971.
Nancy co-founded Christ Quest Ministries with Ken, her husband since 1959. Following Ken’s biblical revelations about their marriage, Nancy became instrumental in assisting and supporting Ken’s quest for Christ-likeness. Since then, their team approach to life has aided in the success of CQM. Nancy is heavily involved in all aspects of both the live and online classes, during which she provides discipleship and support to the women on how to be great help meets for their husbands. Nancy was also Ken’s greatest advocate during the writing of his books, typing it for him and providing other support as needed. A great source of joy for Nancy is working closely with her family. She and Ken have 3 daughters, 3 sons-in-law, and 6 grandchildren.
When asked what I do for a living I will often respond with, “I am a heart surgeon, I work on spiritual hearts.” I know the heart of man is the most important thing to God, and I enjoy life more when my heart is functional, emotionally operative, and mature, like Christ’s. I have devoted my life to helping people with their hearts. David Taylor has been a pastor with the same church for 25 years and have over the last 8 years been involved with Christ Quest Ministries. Our goal is to provide the Southern California area with the opportunity to understand the unique opportunity available to them through the Biblical resources available in Christ Quest Ministries. My wife, Marie, and I have been married for over 30 years and have 3 children, 2 are married and we enjoy 4 grandchildren from them. We enjoy life in Southern California where we make our home.
Tim and Denise Wedel have been married since September of 1984 and are the parents to 3 children: Nicole, Katelyn and Derek. They have been involved with Christ Quest Ministries since 1983 when they, along with 3 other couples, decided to start a pre-married and newly married group. The truth is, CQM has influenced their marriage from the day they met; as Denise is Ken Nair’s daughter. Tim came into the relationship not even knowing what he was getting himself into. Tim grew up with a father who had no idea of how to meet each family member’s spirit which finally resulted in an ended marriage. “Having Ken walk through my life day by day has been life changing. I have learned how to walk more intimately with God and how to understand my spirit as well as Denise’s. Obviously, this has also helped me with all of the relationships in my life.” Currently, they are the facilitators of a CQI class in Pueblo, Colorado, which began in 2007.