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“This isn’t a seminar; this is a movement to put Christ back into Christianity.” – Eric Heard, Pastor at Mariners Church, Irvine, CA


  • Do you wonder why everything is such a big deal to your wife?
  • Have you concluded that it is impossible to really understand a woman?
  • Do you think your wife is too emotional?
  • Have you given up trying to be the spiritual leader in your home?
  • Do you want to understand, lead and love your wife in such a powerful, Christ-like way that you become irresistible to her?
  • Do you want a marriage full of life and peace?


  • Do you feel alone, misunderstood, desperate or wounded?
  • Are you dying on the inside?
  • Do you feel that your husband will never truly understand you?
  • Do you want to be the honored woman God made you to be?
  • Do you yearn for your husband to love and care for you as Christ would?
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For both men and women, the Discovery Seminar offers a doorway to a new understanding about God’s plan for marriage.

Husbands and wives who have a relatively good marriage and want to strengthen it, and it is for those whose marriages are hanging by a thread. In addition, couples planning on getting married will gain incredible insights for having a successful relationship. The Discovery Seminar is sure to have a dynamic and positive impact on any significant male-female relationship.

Men, learn how to walk the path God intended as the spiritual leader of your household. Women, learn how to be the helpmeet your men need to be successful leaders. And for the first time ever, do it all in a setting that feels like a true couples retreat.

Whether you wish to strengthen a good marriage or repair a damaged one, the Christ Quest Ministries Discovery Seminar is for you. Not married yet? Engaged couples will receive incredible insights for building a successful relationship. The Discovery Seminar is sure to have a dynamic and positive impact on any significant male-female relationship.

In this 11-hour, live, multi-media and interactive presentation you will be challenged to…



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Discovery Seminar Online Rental


  • Understand my wife
  • Love my wife, from her perspective
  • Become a Godly spiritual leader

Short Range Goals:

To disciple men who are committed to developing Christ-Likeness. As a result, those men:

  • Will understand the mind of a woman.
  • Will illustrate Christ to his wife and family.
  • Will be able to provide spiritual leadership that will motivate others.

Long Range Goals:

  • For men: To understand how to lead a person’s spirit.
  • For women: To understand being a helpmeet is honorable.
  • For families: That our children will inherit the ability to solve all disagreements and build harmony in relationships…

AND: To eliminate divorce in the Christian Community.