We Need Your Help

Join me as I set out to make the Discovery Seminar and Christ Quest Ministries, Christ Quest Institute available to the entire world in book form. Books have proven their durability in the market of conveying messages over the centuries. Even those countries (or peoples) that don’t have the finances to partake of the Discovery Seminar, and/or, Christ Quest Ministries, Christ Quest Institute material will be able to. They won’t have to keep up with modern technology and yet be able to avail themselves of a set of books that will last and can be passed on from generation to generation.

Years ago, God called me to begin a men’s discipleship ministry called Christ Quest Ministries. Writing books is part of this ministry. Because of the joy it gives me I would love to be able to spend my time discipling and writing books.

Would you consider donating a gift to CQM that is specifically dedicated to the book writing part of this ministry? Currently, I am spending every waking hour available and sometimes (when inspired) in the middle of the night, to get these books written. Since I’m turning the Discovery Seminar and all of the 70 lessons of the Christ Quest Ministry into book form, there will be in the neighborhood 10 books containing 300 to 400 pages each.  Would you be willing to join me in this effort and donate what you believe God would have you to give; thus allowing my schedule to be freed up from singularly discipling so I can spend time with Nancy, and my family and friends without having to give up hours of writing to do so? This will help with being able to write during the days when there are less counseling hours!

The Dream

Experience the advanced knowledge other Christ Quest Institute students have:

  • God says in Romans 8:28, “All things happen for the good…” Why not discover God’s specific, beneficial answers for life’s specific problems?
  • Why not literally illustrate Christ so that your family feels as though an encounter with you is as an encounter with Christ?
  • Why not live the meaningful, fulfilling, purposeful life that God has designed for you
  • Why not provide the Christ-like spiritual leadership that ends the need for divorce?
  • Why not become a living example, demonstrating a rare understanding of spiritual maturity?
  • Why not raise children who pursue God because of your example?
  • Why not learn how to reinterpret all of life’s events into personal, spiritual lessons from God?
  • Why not gain an understanding of the inner motives of yourself and others?


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