A Tool To Better Help You Communicate Your Emotions With Your Spouse

//A Tool To Better Help You Communicate Your Emotions With Your Spouse

A Tool To Better Help You Communicate Your Emotions With Your Spouse

How many times have you tried to share with your husband how you feel and it just blows up on you? We share with you to be open and honest with your husband, but do you get frustrated at the never-ending argument?  If your husband is doing 3X5 cards, here is something you can try to help with this dilemma. Make your own 3X5 card! Write down the situation; then include your emotions. The guys should be used to this form of “understanding the spirit” help. What I have found is that it hopefully removes the tendency (I wish I could say it would for sure) to argue about the logic/facts of the situation and move it to an emotions/spirit conversation.

 If you have a husband who is particularly argumentative, just hand him the card and ask him to include his emotions as well as what God is trying to teach him in the situation. Otherwise, if you feel comfortable, you can sit down with the card and have a conversation together regarding his emotions and the lesson.
Often, we women can get caught up in the argument and/or bunny trail that suddenly becomes of the conversation when we share our hearts. It can then cause another offence of being wounded because of their response. It is never good to begin yelling and screaming or maybe you are the one to completely shut down; and yet, we do follow our spiritual leader and are the thermostat for where our husband is whether in his flesh, or being Christ-like. However, I have found this to be a good tool in order to communicate more productively.
Once you have given the card to your husband give him some time to write his emotions down. Give the Holy Spirit time to deal with him. If he has no reply to it, this is when you can contact the office to share what has happened. If you are in a group, this would be an ideal thing to bring up.
I am not saying that this will go perfectly and he will always respond well, but at least you have clearly written down the subject and how it has made you feel. Make sure while the Holy Spirit is dealing with him that you are praying for your husband. Remember this is a “spiritual battle” and the enemy desperately wants to reign in the flesh of your husband. Hopefully, this will be helpful for you and bring greater success to your husband’s quest to live with you in an understanding way
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